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  • Newsletter - June 2017

    Progressive Leaders Live Here: Marqueece Harris-Dawson

    In today's political climate there is no time to waste. Diverse communities are mobilizing against daily attacks from Washington and need more resources—fast. Liberty Hill's Rapid Response Fund is on the job.

  • Newsletter - May 2017

    From Protest to Power

    Find out what trusted media sources have to say about developments in social justice campaigns. Learn more about the work being done to advance a progressive agenda in our city, county and state.

  • Newsletter - March/April 2017

    The place to be April 20? The beating heart of progressive L.A.

    How do you push even harder for a progressive agenda that reaches beyond California’s borders? Just show up. Your Upton Sinclair Awards Dinner ticket sustains the people who are fighting for their lives.

  • Newsletter - February/March 2017

    Resistance Lives Here

    As fast as Angelenos can take to the streets, community organizing groups can be ready to build power. Los Angeles has strong coalitions and a deep commitment to justice. You can be part of it.

  • Newsletter - December 2016

    Liberty Hill's Kitchen Table: Karen Bass and Fran Jemmott

    It’s been a month of strategic discussions—at the grassroots, among organizers, with nonprofit leaders and with government officials. Liberty Hill staff has participated at every level. The takeaway? Once again, Liberty Hill has a vital role to play at a time of crisis. What can we do now?

  • Newsletter - November 2016

    Liberty Hill's Kitchen Table: Manuel Pastor and Mark! Lopez

    Young organizers in our Youth Vote Action project contacted over 100,000 young voters of color in L.A. to get them to the polls. After the week we’ve had, we all need to listen to their voices.

  • Newsletter - October 2016

    Fly Right, California

    This year, Liberty Hill is investing $1.1 million in L.A. County communities to strengthen and sustain strong organizing groups, seed new and emerging organizations, and fund election-year youth voter engagement.

  • Newsletter - Summer 2016

    What’s the Hottest Thing About Social Justice in L.A.?

    Summer's not over but your September calendar needs updating, so pause the election coverage and get your ticket now for Liberty Hill's annual Change L.A. party with a purpose.

  • Newsletter - June 2016

    At the Intersection of Pride and Justice

    Pride Week and Juneteenth are our touchstone themes for this newsletter, and now in the context of the #Pulse tragedy, we of the Liberty Hill community recommit to our mission to end racism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry and injustice.

  • Newsletter - May 2016

    Earth Day Enviro Victory in LA!

    A few weeks ago Liberty Hill's President/CEO, Shane Murphy Goldsmith, and other foundation executives with the California Executive Alliance for Boys and Men of Color spent a day in Sacramento updating the California Assembly Select Committee on Boys and Men of Color.