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  • Donor-Activists Take Action on Youth Incarceration

    Liberty Hill donor-activists from across Los Angeles turned their energy into action this spring by sending letters to elected officials to encourage support for the Youth Reinvestment Grant in the 2019–2020 state budgeting process.

  • Liberty Hill Partners with L.A. County to Create Countywide Sustainability Plan

    This spring, Liberty Hill joined community-based environmental health and justice organizations to host five Sustainability Expos + Fairs with over 370 participants in order to solicit public input on the draft countywide Sustainability Plan that we and our partners helped to create.

  • Rent control campaign gets a boost from our report linking high rents to increasing homelessness

    The 2019 Homeless Count paints a dire picture of L.A.’s homelessness crisis, including a 12 percent increase in people living on the streets. Skyrocketing rents, evictions and flat wages are leading to homelessness for tens of thousands of people.

  • Grants Manager

    The Grants Manager will work collaboratively with the Director of Grantmaking and Capacity Building and the Director of Philanthropy to administer and coordinate all competitive, partnership and donor-advised grantmaking at Liberty Hill.

  • Program Associate, Youth Justice

    As a key member of Liberty Hill’s Youth Justice team, the Program Associate will support efforts to end youth incarceration, as we know it, and establish a youth development system in LA County.