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  • L.A. Times Column "L.A.'s crisis: High rents, low pay, homelessness rising and $2,000 doesn't buy much"

    If you live in L.A. this news will come as no shock to you, however, living in what some call "Lala Land" has the ability to allow folks to view life here through rose colored lenses.  Thankfully, Liberty Hill is making the housing crisis one of our keen focuses.  Check out this L.A. Times column that paints a clear picture of just how dire things are getting.  If after reading, you're moved to action - consider making a donation.  Your money goes to the grassroots organizing on the frontlines around this issue - and many more effecting Los Angeles communities:

  • Appeals court rules against administration's travel ban

    A federal appeals court has ruled against President Trump's travel ban, upholding a nationwide injunction barring the administration from enforcing the executive order.

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