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  • Joint Foundation Statement on Immigration
    The United States stands at a historic crossroads.
  • In Honor of Black History Month

    It's Black History Month - and although Liberty Hill celebrates and honors the accomplishments and supports the actions, movements and events of Black-led social justice throughout the year, this month we'd like to highlight the Black-led organizing that has been happening in Los Angeles since Liberty Hill's inception.

  • The History of Liberty Hill's Support of Black-Led Organizing

    We took a look at just the first 20 years of Liberty Hill’s grantmaking to get a snapshot of that period of Black-led organizing in L.A. 

  • #Resistance Lives Here

    We’re just two weeks into the Trump administration and it’s already one of the most frightening periods of our lifetimes, no matter how long our lifetimes. Every day we are waking up to a seemingly endless attack from the White House on those values that we cherish most—inclusion, equality and justice for all.

  • Drilling and Dirty Air in Los Angeles

    The air in much of Wilmington, at the southern tip of Los Angeles, has a fetid, tarry scent, but Giselle Cabrera can’t smell it anymore. Sixteen years old, she’s lived in the neighborhood her whole life, and she no longer notices the stench of pollutants from hundreds of oil wells.