From frontlines to headlines! Take a look at recent news of Liberty Hill grantees.

These are news stories that appeared in the last month that highlight how Liberty Hill is making an impact on the frontlines of change. If you are a Liberty Hill supporter, thank you for your support for economic justice, environmental justice and full equality for gays and lesbians!


November 28

A Daily Breeze reporter offered Wilmington readers an overview of the “Clean Up and Green Up” proposal developed by environmental justice groups including Coalition for a Safe Environment and Communities for a Better Environment. The story appeared in advance of a community meeting at the Wilmington Senior Center to get input about the proposal, which is now before the L.A. City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee.
November 25

In the post “Transit, Jobs and Equitable Development in Los Angeles,” a UC Berkeley author cites several reports that include research developed by the Bus Riders Union (Labor Community Strategy Center). The survey touches on recent thinking about transit-oriented development.
November 22

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in Los Angeles (CHIRLA) brought LA Weekly’s attention to a new report from the California Attorney General’s office. The shocking statistic: anti-Latino hate crimes are up 47% in the state.
November 22

Here’s a column by United Farm Worker co-founder Dolores Huerta on a recent strategy session of “California Calls” participants. Liberty Hill has been involved in coalition meetings and our Common Agenda Director Michele Prichard will be working half-time in the coming year to lend her expertise to California Calls’ effort to mobilize new and low-participation voters around the state. (Please note Liberty Hill is not an official organizational member of this nonpartisan statewide voter engagement project.)
November 18

The Occupied Wall Street Journal, a round-up of events at Occupied sites around the country, checked in with Los Angeles and touched upon how L.A. Community Action Network (L.A. CAN) helped occupiers work through local issues.

Also from L.A. CAN, this Nov. 3 Op-Ed by organizer Pete White on the 40th anniversary of the war on drugs and what it has meant in regards to incarceration.
November 8

Student and parent activists working on improving attendance and graduation rates are not only fighting punitive discipline policies but also encouraging schools that have already been asked to implement “Positive Behavior Supports” to do so as soon as possible. This story on a California Endowment teleconference quotes a student poem: If you were in my shoes/How would you feel/Waking up every day/And the first thing you see is people underestimating you…
November 5

Housing Long Beachfocuses on tenants rights, but the steps along the way to more affordable housing include working to reform city council practices that made it hard for low income residents to participate in meetings. Thanks to grassroots advocacy, the council has now adopted a Language Access Policy.
November 2

Khmer Girls in Action released its community-based research report, based on a youth-led survey of 500 Cambodian American young people. Here’s an article about the findings.
November 2

The November “perfect storm” of “Move Your Money” activity by thousands of Americans was possible because of longstanding grassroots “Responsible Banking” campaigns. On “Which Way LA,” Warren Olney interviews Pastor Dr. Ryan Bell of LA Voice Pico about parishioners choosing to move their money to socially responsible financial institutions.

More details in this blog post on the launch of the national divestment campaign whose leading alliance organizations include the LA Voice Pico congregations.
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