From frontlines to headlines! Take a look at recent news of Liberty Hill grantees.

These are news stories that appeared in the last month that highlight how Liberty Hill is making an impact on the frontlines of change.

Liberty Hill grantees finished out 2011 with a flurry of media-reported activity in December. There were stories about actions that funneled Occupy energy; announcements of Queer Youth Fund grants, mentions of Liberty Hill’s cohort of LGBTQ groups at the Bold gathering, developments in court actions around civil rights for bus riders and disabled tenants. In late December, a years-long campaign won closure of a school-adjacent polluter. And more!


December 4-26

Highlights of mentions of community groups channeling Occupy energy into specific local actions:

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)coordinated rallies in support of families who reoccupied their foreclosed homes: On December 20, Peter Dreier and Chuck Collins wrote in the Boston Globe that Harvard student Occupiers were “part of a proud tradition of affluent Americans finding common cause with progressive movements for social justice” and mentioning Liberty Hill as part of that history.

Other next-phase Occupy efforts:
December 20

The closing of a plating plant located near a school was announced—marking the achievement of the goal of an eight-year campaign by ACORN and then ACCE.
December 16

A feature story about women on skid row, with a profile of an L.A. Community Action Network (LACAN) member-intern.
December 12-13

The Bus Riders Riders Unionprevailed as results were released from a federal civil rights investigation into Metro service cutbacks. Metro responded to the findings with a one-year action plan.
December 11

The US Attorney announced a fraud investigation to determine whether LA City ignored federal laws when building housing with federal funds over a several-year period. Plaintiffs in the suit that brought about the investigation include LA CAN.
December 8

Throughout the month, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) helped bring attention to hardship wrought by deportations. Here’s a case of a man receiving dialysis. A boy’s suicide was spurred, in part, by despair over being undocumented.
December 5

A labor unionist in Troy, NY, reviews Labor Community Strategy Center director Eric Mann’s book with comments about the Bus Riders Union.
December 2-7

A Liberty Hill 2011 Grassroots Leader to Watch, Ari Gutierrez of Latino Equality Alliancewas quoted about organizing in L.A. in coverage of the Bold gathering in Minnesota that brought together grassroots groups of LGBTQ people of color.
December 2-22

There was coverage throughout the month of the announcement of Liberty Hill’s Queer Youth Fundgrants.
  • Bay Area Reporter did a profile of Brown Boi Project, a new grantee group.
  • Denver Post picked up the word on the grant to Colorado Anti-Violence Program
  • South Florida Gay News, Q Notes from the Carolinas, and others made an overall announcement with national details
December 1

Kresge Foundation blog highlights the Hidden Hazards report and Liberty Hill’s work with its L.A. Collaborative partners to combat air pollution in low income communities.
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