In Honor of Black History Month

by Crystal Shaw on February 08, 2017

It's Black History Month - and although Liberty Hill celebrates and honors the accomplishments and supports the actions, movements and events of Black-led social justice throughout the year, this month we'd like to highlight the Black-led organizing that has been happening in Los Angeles since Liberty Hill's inception.

Uplifting Change Summit Inspires

by Anonymous (not verified) on February 15, 2012

No matter the perspective or profession of the people at the Summit, it was very clear that At Liberty Hill's Uplifting Change Summit, everyone was extremely passionate about increasing the number of dollars that flow to African American social justice organizations in Los Angeles.

Inspired by Uplifting Change Summit

by Anonymous (not verified) on February 22, 2011

On Friday, I was one of more than 100 participants at Liberty Hill Foundation’s Uplifting Change Summit gathered to discuss strategies for African American philanthropy in Los Angeles. A lot of high powered people showed up, and by the end of the afternoon, White House staff had joined us as well. From L.A. to D.C., lots of people recognize how critically important it is for this city and this country to Uplift Change.

Uplifting Change Summit

by Anonymous (not verified) on February 01, 2011

On February 18, Liberty Hill hosts the second annual Uplifting Change Summit, an invitational gathering of African-American and ally philanthropists.