Gains At Risk - Do You Have One Minute?

by Anonymous (not verified) on October 09, 2009

For years, men and women who wash and polish cars in L.A. have toiled in unsafe conditions, and are often victimized by unscrupulous owners. The Car Wash Worker Law, implemented in 2006, attempted to protect some of the state’s most vulnerable workers, but now the law is about to expire. 

An updated version of the law, passed by California legislators, is in the hands of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger -- and it needs your support to ensure car wash workers will continue to have sorely need protections. The law requires all car washes to register with the state, to post and pay a bond, and post a fee into the “Car Wash Worker Restitution Fund,” with the bond and the fund providing workers with a means to collect wages if an employer is unwilling or unable to pay. If the governor vetoes AB 236, the small gains made for car wash workers across California will be lost and they will have a tougher time  recovering unpaid wages.

Please take a moment today to send Gov. Schwarzenegger a letter urging him to sign AB 236 into law. It’s up to us to ensure that the rights of workers who help sustain the California lifestyle are not imperiled. Want more details?

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