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East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice

They Never Heard Him Give A Speech

They probably first heard of him the same way they first heard of President Abraham Lincoln—as a preschool coloring project.
They never heard Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. give a speech, they never saw him preach or lead a march. But L.A.’s young community activists—21st -century organizers standing up for exploited workers, for bullied gay teens and for children sickened by polluters too close to their daycare centers—are walking in the footsteps that Dr. King imprinted on the American conscience.

Investment Savvy from Liberty Hill's Brain Trust

The 17 hard-working members of Liberty Hill's "Brain Trust" (known internally as our Community Funding Board) commit long hours and megawatts of mental energy over an intensive six-week period to review and make recommendations on which proposals Liberty Hill should invest in. They are college professors, staff organizers at nonprofits, donor-activists, government employees with community-organization backgrounds-- in short, a diverse think-tank bringing deep experience and expertise about social-justice organizing, Los Angeles, specific issues and specific perspectives.

Community Collides With Traffic Engineers

With the assistance of East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, a Liberty Hill grantee, community members have been organizing their neighbors for months. First neighbors asked for four-way traffic signs, traffic signals and speed bumps—the very things that residents in other neighborhoods have received upon request . But county traffic engineers turned them down.