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L.A. Voice PICO

May Day Protest Ramps Up Under New Administration

Since November folks across the country have been wondering what they can do to voice their disapproval of the current administration and its policies. It’s been a daily battle to make our voices heard and advocate for a fairer and more just society. Folks are getting organized.  Protests and marches with an underlying theme of resistance, are ramping up in response to the current administration.

Banks: Prayer and Pressure

"We told Secretary Geithner, 'Know that we're going to apply direct pressure to banks,' " says Pastor Ryan Bell, co-chair of the Clergy Caucus at L.A. Voice Pico (a Liberty Hill grantee) about the conversation at last's week's meeting between a coalition of social justice organizations and the Secretary of the Treasury.

Intern Power

Student interns hit Southern California's social justice organizations this past summer in a perfect storm of brains, guts and savvy. In just a few short months, they dared to research what no one has ever researched before and climbed mountains of paperwork previously unscaled.