A Celebration of PRIDE Month

by raymond on June 24, 2020

As we pause to highlight PRIDE month amidst the continued uprisings for racial justice and police accountability across the country, it’s important to remember that while much progress has been made, equality has not expanded equally across all communities.

In Los Angeles, young LGBTQ people of color still face barriers such as disproportionately high rates of criminalization and homelessness, as well as outsized representation in the foster care system, and continued discrimination in employment, healthcare and education. 

Our Pride Playlist

by Anonymous (not verified) on June 29, 2018

June is Pride month, and a great time to recognize the contributions of LGBTQ individuals in music. As part of our Agenda for a Just Future, we are addressing the impact of housing instability and youth incarceration in queer communities, and fighting for LGBTQ rights. We hope you'll enjoy this Spotify playlist showcasing some of our favorite Pride-themed songs and LGBTQ artists. 

Frontlines to Headlines - October 2017

by Crystal Shaw on October 26, 2017

Frontlines to Headlines

A digest of press clips about Liberty Hill & the organizers we support 

The Los Angeles Times reports that City officials will require the oil drilling site at the intersection of Jefferson and Budlong to adopt strict new rules in order to stay open, including construction of an enclosure to block noise, odor and lights.


Frontlines to Headlines - September 2017

by Crystal Shaw on September 26, 2017

Frontlines to Headlines

A digest of press clips about Liberty Hill & the organizers we support

In 2015 Community Coalition filed a lawsuit against LAUSD over the district’s misuse of funds dedicated to disadvantaged students.

Liberty Hill Announces Fund for Change Grants

by Anonymous (not verified) on September 09, 2011

In 2011-12, Liberty Hill's Fund for Change is investing $859,000 in grassroots leaders who are organizing communities to build power and win institutional/systemic change to advance economic, racial, and LGBTQ justice.

With Great Pride--Reflecting on Liberty Hill and Marriage Equality

by Anonymous (not verified) on August 19, 2010

Tuesday evening, Liberty Hill hosted a small gathering to reflect upon Judge Vaughn Walker's decision striking down Proposition 8 as unconstitutional under both the due process and equal protection clauses.
The house of Liberty Hill was well represented. Everyone who attended passionately stands for justice and equality for all, and the group is not one you would see at most events. We were men and women, gay and straight, African American, Asian Pacific Islander, Latino and white, Democrats and Republicans. We welcome all who share our values for equality and justice.