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Our Pride Playlist

June is Pride month, and a great time to recognize the contributions of LGBTQ individuals in music. As part of our Agenda for a Just Future, we are addressing the impact of housing instability and youth incarceration in queer communities, and fighting for LGBTQ rights. We hope you'll enjoy this Spotify playlist showcasing some of our favorite Pride-themed songs and LGBTQ artists. 

Queer Youth Leaders Mobilize for GSA Day of Racial Justice

In February 2018, Liberty Hill partnered with the Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) Network of Southern California—one of our grantees fighting to empower and train young LGBTQ leaders—to call on Los Angeles County elected officials to address issues of disproportionate criminalization and abusive treatment of LGBTQ youth of color.

With Great Pride--Reflecting on Liberty Hill and Marriage Equality

Tuesday evening, Liberty Hill hosted a small gathering to reflect upon Judge Vaughn Walker's decision striking down Proposition 8 as unconstitutional under both the due process and equal protection clauses.
The house of Liberty Hill was well represented. Everyone who attended passionately stands for justice and equality for all, and the group is not one you would see at most events. We were men and women, gay and straight, African American, Asian Pacific Islander, Latino and white, Democrats and Republicans. We welcome all who share our values for equality and justice.