In Honor of Black History Month

by Crystal Shaw on February 08, 2017

It's Black History Month - and although Liberty Hill celebrates and honors the accomplishments and supports the actions, movements and events of Black-led social justice throughout the year, this month we'd like to highlight the Black-led organizing that has been happening in Los Angeles since Liberty Hill's inception.

Connecting with Black Organizers

by Anonymous (not verified) on July 13, 2011

This is what we know: The challenges facing Black Angelenos are deep and complex. This is what we don’t know: Why there are not more African American organizers in the field to address these challenges?

Liberty Hill Grantee Selected as CNN Hero

by Anonymous (not verified) on March 04, 2010

Susan Burton, founder of A New Way of Life, is one of 10 people selected by CNN this year to be singled out as a 2010 hero. .