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Why Justice Begins at Home

These days the news can be overwhelming. Stories of violence, injustice and oppression fill our feeds almost daily. Meanwhile, hateful ideas are being given an increasingly visible platform at the national level. These problems can be daunting, and sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start. But the worst thing we can do in a time of so much need is become overwhelmed.

Overview: Cumulative Environmental Impacts in L.A.

After years of fighting hazardous and polluting projects on a smokestack-to-smokestack basis, environmental justice advocates and residents are turning to pro-active policy solutions as the lever to ‘undo’ inequitable neighborhood conditions and improve residents’ health, safety and quality of life. Like their early counterparts working on tobacco, alcohol and gun violence issues—environmental justice (EJ) advocates are exploring innovative strategies to ensure that these residents are not permanently relegated to “shorter, sicker lives.”

Liberty Hill Partner Jesse Marquez Prevails at The Supreme Court

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court sided with Sierra Club, Environmental Integrity Project, Louisiana Environmental Action Network, Friends of Hudson and Liberty Hill grantee partner Coalition for a Safe Environment by declining to review a lower court ruling that forbid the U.S. EPA to exempt industrial polluters from regular emissions standards during "startup, shutdown and malfunction" events.