Color Blindness, Fundamentalism, Barack Obama On The Agenda

by Anonymous (not verified) on November 24, 2009

Two iconic figures from the civil rights world shared their opinions on “colorblindness,” fundamentalists, Barack Obama, Blacks and Prop. 8—and much more--last weekend, an annual brunch held for Liberty Hill supporters.


Activist and former State Senator Tom Hayden and UCLA law professor Kimberle Crenshaw—the creator of Critical Race Theory, and executive director of the African American Policy Forum – were the featured speakers. The panel was moderated by civil rights attorney Barry Litt.

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In introducing Tom and Kimberle, Liberty Hill President Kafi Blumenfield shared with us some of the acts of racial discrimination that had distressed and shaped her, from the repeated times her young African-American brother had to endure police harassment for riding his shiny new Schwinn bike, to the horror when her ill mother, though elegantly dressed, was treated as though she were a crack addict by a hospital emergency room physician.