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Do You Eat Ethically?

By Joseph Edwards
Liberty Hill hosted one of its highly regarded van tours to stops along the frontlines of change in L.A.—this time to explore the frontiers of ethical dining accompanied by activists with Restaurant Opportunities Centers United L.A. (ROC-LA).

Take the "High Road" to Eating Out

Restaurant Opportunity Centers United (ROC-United) , a Liberty Hill grantee, jumped into action as soon as it was founded in 2010. It reached out to low-wage restaurant workers and it undertook research into local conditions. Its February 2011 report Behind the Kitchen Door, Inequality and Opportunity in Los Angeles, the Nation's Largest Restaurant Industry caused a stir. Now it's "promoting the high road to profitability" by highlighting 10 "High Road Restaurants" with a profile rolling out each week on the ROC blog.