A Letter from Shane Murphy Goldsmith on Brothers, Sons, Selves

by Shane Goldsmith on October 04, 2017

When Liberty Hill launched the Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition in 2011, in partnership with The California Endowment and 12 grassroots community groups, there was a problem we could not ignore: L.A.’s boys and young men of color were in crisis.

For too many, school was a pathway to prison and not college. Graduation rates for our young men of color were significantly lower than their white counterparts. Unemployment was high and life expectancy was low.

Is Community Organizing An Effective Way to Lead School Reform? A New Study Says Yes

by Anonymous (not verified) on October 14, 2009

A new study by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform of community organizations working for school reform found that community organizations working for school reform are "making considerable strides in school reform across the country." The study included several U.S. cities including Los Angeles.

We haven't seen the complete study yet, but we know that several organizations powered by Liberty Hill were included in the report.