Faces of the Movement: Nalleli Cobo

by raymond on May 27, 2020

This past year, the youth climate movement sprang into action in a major way. With coordinated climate protests across the globe and increased civic engagement here at home, today’s youth are leading the way toward the environmental justice victories of tomorrow. One of these rising stars is Liberty Hill Leader to Watch Nalleli Cobo, a fierce environmental activist who was highlighted on CNN this year for her work to end neighborhood oil drilling. She spoke at the 2019 L.A.

Faces of the Movement: LeQuan Muhammed

by raymond on May 27, 2020

One of the rising stars of the Youth Justice movement, LeQuan Muhammed has emerged as a voice for his local community and a shining example of the power of positivity and the promise of youth.

Faces of the Movement: Carolina Rodriguez

by raymond on April 07, 2020

Local resident Carolina Rodriguez, who was born and raised in East L.A., became a key figure in the local battle for rent control. Despite multiple attempts by her landlord to evict her and her family after increasing their rent more than $500, Carolina remains in her home in East L.A. today due to the efforts of Unincorporated Tenants United, which Liberty Hill helped coordinate. They worked tirelessly to organize and empower a collective of tenants, including Carolina, to stand up for their rights.