We were excited to host an important discussion this week on electoral organizing heading into the 2020 election. Our esteemed panel included founder and president of California Calls Anthony Thigpenn, Political Director Diana Colin of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA), and Deepak Bhargava, Distinguished Lecturer, Urban Studies, CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies. 
Guests heard about the critical nature of get out the vote efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, and learned more about local and state ballot initiatives, as well as ways to create a groundswell of energy and enthusiasm heading into the election. 
“We have to evaluate where we are, how much power we have, and how much power we need to win. Let’s get bigger. Let’s get more powerful. Let’s unite movements. We have to do campaigns in a different way to prove this approach works.”
—Anthony Thigpenn, Founder & President California Calls

We were also excited to announce the relaunch of our Liberty Vote! initiative, a nonpartisan electoral engagement strategy committed to voter engagement in disenfranchised communities. Inspired by longtime Liberty Hill supporter Gary Stewart, Liberty Vote! will fund community organizations working to  increase voter education and turnout, develop leaders and recruit volunteers to influence closely contested elections. 
Lecturer Deepak Bhargava also spoke about the importance of mobilizing the youth vote using new technology and building the relationships and trust needed to make an impact. 
“The most important aspect of grassroots organizing is authenticity and relationships. So, whether it’s door-to-door or peer-to-peer, what matters is that people feel that human connection, especially for youth.”
—Deepak Bhargava, Distinguished Lecturer, CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies

As we head into this critical election season we will continue to highlight the voices of the people closest to the issues and work to mobilize voters to make their voices heard in this election and beyond. 
“There are untouched voters out there no one is going after. They want to be at the party but they have to be invited. We need multiple touch points to be able to empower people to have an educated vote with power behind it.” 
— Diana Colin, Political Director, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

Three things donors can do to get and stay engaged:

  1. Donate to Liberty Hill's Liberty Vote! Initiative
  2. Give to grassroots electoral organizing campaigns in L.A.

Thank you for all you are doing to support this work.
With the continued support of dedicated donors like you, we know we can seize this moment to make lasting change.