Team / Almas Sayeed

Almas Sayeed

Vice President, Public Partnerships

My community’s journey to find a place in the United States shaped my commitment to social justice. I am the daughter of South Indian Muslims who made the American midwest their home. I was shaped by my parents’ journey of economic migration, the US’s “War on Terror” here and abroad and a powerful call to ensure the natural lottery does not determine one’s destiny. My work has taken me from Kansas, the West Bank, London and Bangalore to both US coasts. I am privileged to build a world that centers equity, inclusion and structural change with the Liberty Hill team, a space dedicated to powerful, progressive organizing and policy change.

Almas is the Vice President of Public Partnerships at Liberty Hill Foundation. In this capacity, Almas develops partnerships with government and public entities to better build and serve communities and advance Liberty Hill’s vision of progressive change. Almas also guides the foundation’s economic justice and housing portfolios.

Almas brings more than 15 years of experience to the foundation, working at the intersection of organizing, legislative policy change and litigation in housing equity, workers rights and immigrant justice. Almas served as General Counsel and Policy Advisor to the National Domestic Workers Alliance, leading groundworking campaigns for domestic workers’ rights and shaping the organization’s rapid growth. More recently, Almas served as Deputy Director of Programs at the California Immigrant Policy Center, steering critical campaigns to ensure healthcare access, worker protections and mitigating the impact of immigration enforcement for California’s undocumented communities. Almas began her legal career as a housing lawyer, defending tenants losing their housing due to eviction and pursuing affirmative claims against unscrupulous landlords. Before her time as a lawyer, Almas served the Senate Banking Committee, Senate Joint Economic Committee and two New York gubernatorial administrations. She has appeared on BBC America, Al Jazeera America and National Public Radio and published in the LA Times, Slate and the Yale Journal of Law and Social Policy.

Almas is a graduate of UCLA School of Law, where she was a Public Interest Law and Policy Fellow. She holds an MSc from the London School of Economics, an MA from Hebrew University, where she was a Fulbright Fellow, and a Certificate of Advanced Studies from Birzeit University. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas.