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Winona Dorris

Chief Financial Officer

Growing up in urban Los Angeles during the early 1970s, I learned how to navigate systems that would not treat me and the people who looked like me well or fairly because of the color of our skin. I was fortunate to live in a home where we were taught about the possibility of change through action and community. Working for Liberty Hill provides an opportunity to be a part of an organization that advocates for those who want to and should be treated fairly and justly.

As Chief Financial Officer at Liberty Hill Foundation, Winona Dorris brings 30-plus years of experience building and managing finance teams, systems and processes. Prior to joining Liberty Hill, she was Vice President of Finance at the XPRIZE Foundation, where she managed over $85 million in philanthropic funds from across the globe. Earlier in her career, Winona managed taxation and budgeting for Aptium Oncology, a division of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals that constructs and operates comprehensive cancer treatment centers. Winona earned her Bachelor of Arts in economics and accounting from Claremont McKenna College and her MBA from the University of Phoenix.