Grantee Spotlight,LGBTQ & Gender Justice

Celebrating Liberty Hill’s Pride History

June 28, 2023
By Andres Magaña

This month, and every month, Liberty Hill honors and commemorates the trailblazing work of our community partners, grantees, and donor activists who have fought tirelessly for LGBTQ+ and Gender Justice in L.A.

Since 1976, Liberty Hill has been supporting LGBTQ+ community organizing and movement building. Guided by gay activists on the LHF Community Funding Board, the foundation awarded its first LGBTQ focused grant through way of seed funding in 1985. At a time in which the LGBTQ movement was first beginning to take shape and mobilize publicly, these vital seed funds helped support local grassroots organizing and helped build capacity of LGBTQ-led community organizations in L.A.

Liberty Hill’s long history of work with the LGBTQ+ community expands decades. From supporting HIV awareness campaigns during the early days of the AIDS epidemic (Minority AIDS Project,1985) to establishing funding sources for local LGBTQ+ organizations and projects (OUT Fund, 2012 and The Lesbian and Gay Community Fund, 2000) to uniting LGBTQ groups to advocate for youth policies across L.A. County (Queer Justice Youth Leadership Program, 2017), the Liberty Hill Community has been in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality and justice throughout the years. However, our fight continues.

As Pride Month comes to an end, we are reminded that the work to create a more inclusive and just Los Angeles is far from over.

Click here to learn about the great work our Liberty Hill Community is continuing to do to advance LGBTQ+ and Gender in Los Angeles and beyond.