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Liz Levitt Hirsch: The Power of Connectivity & Community

July 27, 2021
By Raymond

Liberty Hill Champion and Donor Activist Elizabeth Levitt Hirsch (Liz) is best known for her ability to connect and inspire people to achieve a shared vision through community engagement. 

A hands-on philanthropist, Liz is board president of the Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation, a national creative placemaking funder that exists to strengthen the social fabric of America. She has directed her life-long passion for the performing arts into a source for positive social change.

The Levitt Foundation partners with communities to activate underused outdoor spaces, creating welcoming destinations where the power of free, live music brings people together and invigorates community life. During the past two decades, Liz has guided the philanthropic model at the core of the Levitt Foundation's giving philosophy, awarding millions of dollars in grants for free concerts across the country. Liz was a founding board member of the Levitt music venues in Los Angeles and Pasadena and was instrumental in developing each pavilion, helping to establish the community-driven public/private partnerships at the heart of the Levitt model. 

Beyond the work of the Levitt Foundation, Liz has a long and distinguished history of involvement with charitable organizations, serving on numerous nonprofit boards and supporting organizations that foster social justice and access to the arts. 

A longtime Liberty Hill supporter, Liz was a past recipient of the Founders Award at our 2018 Upton Sinclair Award Dinner. This recognition is given to individuals whose philanthropy embodies the spirit of “change, not charity” and whose exceptional generosity is helping to realize equality and justice for all. Liz truly believes that justice begins at home and her work to empower communities across Los Angeles through the power of the arts is a testament to her commitment to making L.A. the beacon for progress we know it can be. 

Learn more about the Levitt music venue in Los Angeles and opportunities to take advantage of their free concerts by visiting

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