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Powering Liberty Hill’s Electoral Outreach: Donor Activist Jody Uttal

October 28, 2020
By raymond

Longtime Donor Activist Jody Uttal and her husband Jeff Gold have been supporting Liberty Hill and the fight for a more just and equitable Los Angeles for nearly 30 years. 

As one of the original co-founders of Rock the Vote, Jody is also dedicated to supporting voter engagement efforts such as our Liberty Vote! Initiative—a nonpartisan electoral engagement program committed to voter engagement in disenfranchised communities.

The program was relaunched this year in honor of late Liberty Hill Champion and donor activist Gary Stewart. A dear friend of Gary, Jody was inspired by his enduring commitment to donor activism as a way of life. Her commitment to supporting Liberty Vote! will ensure we can continue working to build the electoral power and amplify the voices of those with the most at stake in the coming election and beyond.

“Gary was the first person who taught me about the concept of donor activism. He stressed to me that as a person with access to resources, being a donor activist is not a passive act—it’s just as important as other forms of activism such as going door-to-door,” said Jody. “My support for Liberty Hill connects me to the work happening on the ground because I know I’m supporting the people fighting for real change.”

We will be carrying on Gary’s mission this election year as we work to engage and empower voters in low-income communities of color who represent the margin of victory in so many critical races. To learn more about Liberty Vote and how you can support these efforts, click here.