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Spotlight on Youth & Transformative Justice

July 28, 2022
By Courtney Kassel

The scale and severity of Los Angeles County’s punishment system is a unique problem unmatched by any other county in the nation. The overreliance on mass incarceration adversely impacts communities of color and families.

To challenge mass criminalization of Black, Brown, Native American and Indigenous peoples, Liberty Hill’s Youth & Transformative Justice focus seeks to shift power from punishment systems to people impacted by mass criminalization, dismantle these systems in Los Angeles County, and work toward reimagined approaches to justice that invest in communities rather than prisons and surveillance.

We need a transformative vision of justice. Justice that is actually just.

This month we highlighted several of our grantee partners working in this area to change the narrative and the system for low-income youth of color.

Learn more about our Youth & Transformative Justice work and the grassroots groups we support here.

And read on to hear the news about the latest developments in the push for a Youth Development Department here in Los Angeles.