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The Housing Crisis in Focus: Facts vs Fiction

May 25, 2023
By Andres Magaña

Earlier this month, the Liberty Hill Community came together for a lively discussion around the legacy of housing insecurity and its current landscape at our virtual event, The Housing Crisis in Focus: Facts vs Fiction.

It was an engaging conversation on the housing issues facing Los Angeles and the work being done at the state, local, and community level to power progressive decision making and create fair housing policy.

The event was moderated by Liberty Hill President and CEO Shane Murphy Goldsmith and featured a dynamic panel of housing justice specialists including Almas Sayeed (Vice President of Public Partnerships, Liberty Hill), Joel John Roberts (Chief Executive Officer, PATH Ventures), Mary Lee (Affordable Housing Policy Consultant), and Peter Dreier (E.P. Clapp Distinguished Professor of Politics, Occidental College).

The conversation was framed around exploring Liberty Hill’s Housing Justice Strategy and our efforts to protect tenant rights, preserve affordable housing, and build power in low-income communities of color across Los Angeles. Participants also dove into the history of acts like redlining that are deeply tied to our current landscape and explored ways in which we could support community-led efforts to bring about housing justice in L.A.

To watch The Housing Crisis in Focus: Facts vs Fiction recording, click below.