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Black Power Building Organizations

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(February 2023) Black-led organizing, and Black power building organizations, are a powerful driver of social change in Los Angeles. Since its founding, Liberty Hill Foundation has directly invested in Black-led organizing to build power in communities most impacted by systemic oppression to achieve equity and justice. We believe the people most impacted by injustice must be the ones leading the fight for justice, and we take our lead from the organizers and activists driving the movements for change. Racial justice is also embedded in the core principles of our work at Liberty Hill.

We do everything possible to ensure that more progressive, Black-led organizations have the resources, visibility, infrastructure, and leadership capacity to sustain their day-to-day work of organizing, advocacy, and collective care needed to advocate for Black lives in their communities and achieve transformational change.

This comes to life in our work to provide grants, training, and other support to our partners at Black led organizations who are fighting the David and Goliath battles every day on issues such as housing and homelessness, jobs and wages, youth justice, environmental justice, education, policing, LGBTQ justice, and much more.

If you are interested in learning more about these organizations or want additional recommendations, please contact your Philanthropy Advisor or contact

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