Circle of Angels


Making meaningful change in a year like 2020 would have been impossible without the unwavering commitment of Liberty Hill’s longtime donor activists and funding partners and the many individuals and organizations that began new partnerships with Liberty Hill at this critical moment in history. Together, we are bending the arc toward justice. 

These donors have included Liberty Hill in their wills and estate plans, ensuring the long-term strength and stability of the foundation while leaving a legacy of their values and vision.

  • Sandra Ball-Rokeach
  • Suzanne Biegel
  • Daniel Edelman & Ivan Ontiveros
  • The Honorable Mona Field
  • Whitney Green
  • Katharine King
  • Kesa Kivel
  • Diantha Lebenzon
  • Jason & Lika Litt
  • Paula & Barry Litt
  • Cary Lowe
  • Doe Mayer & Jed Dannenbaum
  • David Nochimson
  • Torie Osborn
  • Manuel Pastor, Jr. & Elizabeth Hall Hamilton
  • Sarah Pillsbury
  • David Rosenauer & Rex Walker
  • Cathy Salser
  • Jilliene F. Schenkel
  • Anneka Scranton
  • Jon Wiener
  • Sherry Winters



Liberty Hill Foundation mourns the loss of these friends of justice:


  • Antonio Bernabe
  • Marcia Burnam
  • Jed Dannenbaum
  • Mary Estrin
  • Deborah Goldman
  • Pamela Gruber
  • Sandy Loucheim
  • Charlie Noxon
  • Robert Olodort
  • Bernard H. Rollins
  • Robin Ross
  • Bea Solis
  • David Wolf

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