2021 Impact Report

Supporting Justice for All

Donor Advised Funds


Our Donor Advised Fund (DAF) holders set up this flexible charitable giving vehicle as an alternative to creating a private foundation. This DAF account enables them to give to organizations in their area of interest with the support of Liberty Hill’s advising and administrative expertise.


Celia Bernstein, Donor Advised Fund Holder

“I have been a Liberty Hill supporter since 1988, but several years ago I opened a donor advised fund (DAF) with my husband, Brad, and my 26-year-old daughter, Lena. I increased my support of Liberty Hill because I believe in sharing decision-making power over my philanthropy. I want to be a part of Liberty Hill’s investment in community organizing and power building where it’s most needed in LA. I also believe in Liberty Hill’s practice of making grantmaking decisions through a Community Funding Board.

By working with Liberty Hill’s philanthropic advisors, my giving to Black-led organizations increased exponentially, reaching more than a dozen rising grassroots groups, Black-led giving circles, and major initiatives anchoring racial justice in Los Angeles.

Liberty Hill’s philanthropic advisors met with us to determine our interests and even met with Lena separately to craft recommendations to help maximize the impact she wants to make. Thank you Liberty Hill for being our family’s philanthropic hub for social change!”

Donor Advised Funds

A Better World Fund

Allison Thomas Racial Justice Fund

Andrew and Matty Wilder Charitable Fund

As Above So Below Supply Store

Back to Life Re-Entry Fund

Bagel-OBrien Fund

Bertha Wolf & Lance Miller Families Fund for Community Service

Breadbox Fund

Brenda & Paul Hudson Fund

Byock-Shaw Family Fund

C&G Fund for Progress

Carol Sobel Fund

Cassandra Fund

Catalyst Fund

Cypress LLP Fund

Dean Hansell-Shirley Lens Fund

E. Meltzer and J. Thometz Family Fund

Erika Glazer Fund

Flora Fund

Garcetti-Wakeland Human Rights & Economic Justice Fund

Gordon Davidson Archive Fund

Gordon Davidson Emerging Artists Fund

Grant Grace Giving Fund

Hancock Fund

Harold & Stephanie Bronson Fund

In This Together Fund

Jason & Lika Litt Fund

Jon Christensen

Joy Kamensky Fund

Katharine King Fund

Kesa Kivel Fund

Kicking Assets Fund


Lawson Justice Fund

Lesbians Occupy Change Fund

Lichter-Marck Fund

Lichter-Marck Next Generation Fund

Live Oak Fund

Lynn Kirshbaum Fund

M. Asselin - J. Meltzer Fund

M. Katherine Baird Darmer Equality Scholarship Fund

Manuel Pastor and Betsy Hamilton Fund

Miscellaneous Fund

Moja Moja Innovation Fund

Patty Kestin Fund

Paula & Barry Litt Fund

Plumeria Fund

Pressman-Holmes Family Fund

Queer Youth Fund

Rabbi Barbara Zacky Fund

RandEm Journey Fund

Ray of Light Fund

Red Green Blue Fund

Richard and Taylor Beale Family Fund

Robert Greenwald and Heidi Frey Greenwald Fund

Roberta Conroy Charitable Fund

Satterberg Foundation Fund

Schaffer Family Fund

Sherry & Leo Frumkin Family Fund

Southern California Youth Organizing Capacity Building Fund

Stone’s Throw to Skid Row Fund

Stormer-Breidenbach Fund

The Arnold Peterson Fund

The David Rosenauer and Rex Walker Fund

The Jordan Family Fund

The Los Angeles Activist

Video Archive Fund

The Opportunity Fund


*2 Anonymous Funds

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