Making a Virtual Connection


"We realized we needed to adapt—and help our partners adapt—to survive this new reality. Liberty Hill pivoted in the face of the pandemic, making virtual connections to reach our supporters in new ways, helping them stay connected to the issues they care about, and ensuring no ground was lost during this turbulent time.” – Jenny Delwood, Liberty Hill Executive Vice President

COVID-19 Changed Nearly Everything in 2020

The pandemic impacted the way we relate to one another, our ability to stay connected with loved ones, and the causes we care about. As “Safer at Home” orders spread across the country—and the days of social distancing became weeks, then months—the realities of an uncertain future began to set in. At Liberty Hill, we considered our place in this changing landscape, and the unique role that foundations like ours could play during this critical time. Injustice takes no sick days and observes no social distance. That’s why our desire to keep up the fight for progress has been unwavering. While our methods needed to change, we never stopped making connections, honoring heroes, and building power.

Zoom For Social Change

The rise of the Zoom event provided us with a unique opportunity to focus on issue-based discussions that opened up a dialogue on critical issues such as the future of policing in America, the fight for tenant rights and housing protections during COVID-19 and more. We also provided opportunities for our community partners and grant recipients to come together virtually to strategize and learn new digital organizing skills.

Socially Distant Celebrations

With live events on ice this past year, Liberty Hill went virtual with our annual Upton Sinclair Awards Dinner and Leadership Brunch, along with a variety of other special events that typically bring our donor activists together to celebrate progress. Community members were inspired by talks from former Attorney General Eric Holder, Distinguished Professor Deepak Bhargava, and Congressmembers Karen Bass and Ayanna Pressley, among others.

Voter Engagement

2020 was all about flexing our electoral muscle like never before. We held several virtual Prop Party events designed to educate voters and encourage participation. We also produced our 2020 Liberty Vote! guide, highlighting several of the propositions our partners led to victory in the local election, including the landmark Measure J initiative and Proposition 17, which restored voting rights to people on parole.

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