Healing Justice

Healing justice is as much about the right to well-being as it is about building power.

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Building Power Through Healing Justice

As organizations and movement leaders face a new set of obstacles requiring them to exercise great ingenuity, commitment, and resilience, Liberty Hill is making a commitment to Healing Justice as a key component of our work.

Healing Justice is a movement that aims to address widespread generational trauma by responding with traditional holistic healing practices and building new, more inclusive ones. It is rooted in the work of The Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective and individuals such as Cara Page who elevated this framework and the need for healing justice as integral to movement building.

The purpose of our new Healing Justice peer convenings is to create space for organizations to come together, build community, share their growing expertise, and support the healing and well-being of organizational leaders and their teams as they commit to long-term power-building and organizing work.

The framework centers on the collective safety and well-being of communities as an integral part of their fight for collective liberation.


We co-create each program with the participants, uplifting the participants’ inherent knowledge and wisdom, and supporting them to set goals for organizational transformation.

Cohort and Peer-networking

We carefully curate cohorts and facilitate peer learning to share best practices and innovations. We also have cohorts of 2-4 people from each organization participate in the training together to ensure that learning can be successfully implemented and institutionalized.


We provide participants with a dedicated coach who has the cultural relevance skills and experience to facilitate transformation through a coaching and consulting approach that empowers each individual to reach their full potential.

Levels of Transformative Change

Personal healing practices
Group communication, energy exchange, and/or relationship building that use healing practices
Organizational policies and frameworks that center healing practices

Grassroots Groups We Support

Ensure Equity For the Most Vulnerable

Provide flexible funding to help organizations bring Healing Justice into their work through activities such as giving stipends to staff, and adding Healing Justice resources to their base.