Liberty Hill envisions a society built on racial, economic, environmental and social justice in which all people have a powerful voice, including those currently shut out of our democracy, people cut off from opportunities because they are poor, because of their skin color, because of their gender or sexual orientation, because of where they live, or where they were born. We will not rest until society provides justice and equality for all.

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When Liberty Hill began in 1976, it was a daring new foundation that turned philanthropy on its head. Today it is a national leader in social justice. Organizing and advocacy powered by Liberty Hill has changed national policies, launched social change movements, transformed neighborhoods, and nurtured hundreds of community leaders who respond to the experience of injustice by fighting for their rights

Andrés Gonzalez

Program Manager for Environmental Justice

Andres Magaña

Deputy Director, PR and Community Engagement

Angela Reyes

Chief Financial Officer

Angelo Logan

Sr. Director, Environmental and Climate Justice

Charlette Wilburn

Senior Director, People Operations

Courtney Kassel

Chief Communications Officer

Diego Sepúlveda

Sr. Philanthropy Advisor

Evelyn Boone


Giselle Armendáriz

Program Manager, Capacity Building

Griffin Hatlestad

Program Director, Housing

Jack McCurley

SVP, Chief of People and Advancement

Janine Lim

Deputy Director, Contract Compliance

Jessica Prieto

Program Manager, Public Partnerships

Jill Freidmutter

Database Manager

Jordan Haynes

Advancement Coordinator

Julio Marcial

Senior Vice President of Programs

Justin Suarez

Program Manager of Grants

Karla Santos

Financial Accountant

Kayla Edgell

Accounts Payable Specialist

Lisa Small

Senior Director, Youth and Transformative Justice

Maggie Mireles

Director, Training and Capacity Building

Mike Dennis

Senior Director, Housing Justice

Natalie Miller

Accounts Payable Analyst

Natalie Perez

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Neva Chevalier

Executive Assistant, Board Liaison

Raymond Jimenez

Deputy Director, Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing

Roni Hooper

Director, Foundation and Government Grants

Sabrina Chu

Grants Associate

Shane Murphy Goldsmith


Shelley MacKay

Senior Philanthropy Advisor

Sonya Glover

Senior Manager of Events

Stephanie Alvarado

Vice President, Advancement

Thaise Boyd

Senior Accountant

Valerie Humbles

Senior Manager, Operations & Administration

Yulissa Alvarez

Program Coordinator