Environment + Justice Donor Circle

Los Angeles is at the heart of a changing environmental future. Environmental justice and equity are at the center of this future: righting past wrongs and supporting communities committed to equal access to the benefits of a better environment.


The Liberty Hill Foundation has been a key supporter of the environmental justice movement for years. Liberty Hill’s Environment + Justice Donor Circle gives members the opportunity to learn about and be involved in this evolving intersectional movement, meet leaders, organizers, activists, and other donors, and support building a just and equitable environmental future in Los Angeles.

  • Each year, the Liberty Hill Environment + Justice Donor Circle will pick a theme around which to build or knowledge in this learning community.
  • The Environment + Justice Donor Circle meets quarterly.
    • Two of our quarterly events are educational conversations between community-based organizers, leaders, experts, and donors on the history and present-day movements at the intersection of the environment and justice. 
    • One of these events includes a visit to frontline communities to learn from organizers and leaders and see firsthand the effects of environmental injustices as well as the impact of funding changemakers. 
    • In our fourth quarterly event, we recognize the organizations that we’ve supported during the year and celebrate with their leaders 
  • Environment + Justice Donor Circle learning events are open to all Liberty Hill Foundation donors who give to organizations at the intersection of the environment and justice at any level, whether through donations to Liberty Hill or through their donor advised funds. 
  • Contributors to the Environment + Justice Donor Circle Fund at the $1,000 and above level can also participate in an annual process of grantmaking from the fund. And we encourage self-defining “next gen” donors to join starting at the $250 level to explore the giving circle experience.
    • Contributors nominate grantees. 
    • A nominating committee vets the nominees and presents a slate to contributors to the fund in our third quarterly event. The slate is informed by the year’s theme but may also include organizations working on other important and timely issues. 
    • Contributors to the circle’s fund vote on the grantees. All grantees on the slate receive some funding, with substantial grants going to those with the most support. 

The Liberty Hill Environment + Justice Donor Circle brings together a lively community of donor-activists interested in the intersection of the environment and social and economic justice. The circle provides a way for donors to learn about and invest in the leaders and organizations creating a better future here in L.A. The circle also discovers and brings new ideas, strategies, and emerging leaders to Liberty Hill’s attention for broader and deeper investments in what comes next for building power for healthy environment and communities. 

The Liberty Hill Environment + Justice Donor Circle is a community, a circle of friends, bringing passion and energy to the vision of an environmentally just future in this great metropolis, and supporting Liberty Hill’s crucial, strategic role in making that future real by building power in the organizations, communities, leaders, and projects that we fund. 

Want to learn more?

Contact Environment + Justice Donor Circle Co-founder Jon Christensen at jon.a.christensen@gmail.com or advancement@libertyhill.org

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