Liberty Hill works in collaboration with many organizations and partners who help power the work of progress and transformational change in Los Angeles.


Stronger Together: Partnerships Powering Progress

At Liberty Hill we know that there is no one organization, activist, or leader who can win the David and Goliath battles for systemic change alone. It takes a village of dedicated people and a chorus of voices calling for change from various corners of our society to move the needle on the issues that matter.

That’s why community partnerships are at the core of our work.


Our Partnerships

Learn more about Liberty Hill’s partnerships on the frontlines of change.

California Funders For Boys And Men Of Color

We are proud to be a part of the California Funders for Boys and Men of Color (CFBMoC), a statewide network of leading foundations that are aligning their efforts and resources to improve life outcomes for boys and men of color through systems change.

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emPOWER Outreach

The emPOWER Program is a partnership that connects low-income residents to more than 60 money and energy-saving programs, including rate payer incentives, energy efficiency upgrades, solar and clean vehicle rebates, and much more.

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Public Health Councils Program

Liberty Hill is partnering with L.A. County and multiple community organizations to launch a Public Health Councils program designed to empower workers in prioritized sectors to ensure public COVID-19 health orders are followed at their workplaces, and ensure workers are protected from retaliation.

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Stay Housed LA

Stay Housed L.A. is a partnership between Liberty Hill, the County of L.A., tenant-led community organizations, and legal services providers to provide tenants with the support needed to exercise their rights so that they can remain safely in their homes.

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Ready To Rise

Ready to Rise is a public/private partnership between Liberty Hill, the California Community Foundation and the Los Angeles County Department of Probation that expands opportunities and resources for programs that keep youth out of the criminal justice system and help those in the system successfully transition back into the community.

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Community Land Trust

In a time when the pandemic has made the housing crisis more urgent than ever, protecting tenants is only one part of the equation. Liberty Hill also supports the creation and preservation of affordable housing to address the homelessness crisis.

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Our Impact

announced as part of CFBMoC’s statewide effort to reduce barriers and expand opportunities for youth of color in Los Angeles County.
multi-year Ready to Rise initiative served 49 youth development organizations and 7,854 youth in less than two years.
tenants empowered through the Stay Housed L.A. program.