Our Priorities

Our Northstar is to build power in communities most impacted by systemic injustice to achieve social justice and equity.

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How We Power Social Change

Liberty Hill is an accelerator of community organizing in Los Angeles and a national leader in social justice.

We believe the people closest to the pain should be closest to the power.

Our nimble, innovative approach to fueling organizing is based on current conditions, trusting relationships, and our deep understanding of Los Angeles social movements.

We build a diverse ecosystem of partner organizations prepared to tackle today’s issues and stand ready to face the challenges of tomorrow’s movements.


Explore Our Causes

Liberty Hill provides critical funding, training, and capacity building to our community partners leading grassroots organizing for racial and economic justice.

The Agenda for A Just Future

The Agenda for a Just Future is a five-year campaign that seeks to tackle three of our region's most pressing social issues—youth incarceration, the housing crisis and toxic neighborhood oil drilling—through a lens of racial and social justice.

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Racial Justice

Liberty Hill fights for racial justice in all its campaigns and programs, including our efforts to dramatically shrink the footprint of L.A. County’s legal system—from the number of youth and adults incarcerated, to addressing the harmful effects of incarceration on individuals, families, communities and entire generations.

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Youth & Transformative Justice

Our Youth & Transformative Justice program seeks to shift power from punishment systems to people impacted by mass criminalization, dismantle these systems and work toward reimagined approaches to justice that invest in communities rather than prisons and surveillance.

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LGBTQ & Gender Justice

Liberty Hill supports community-based organizing by LGBTQ leaders and is also empowering a new generation of activists who are leading movements for gender equality in Los Angeles and everywhere.

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Environmental & Climate Justice

For Liberty Hill, environmental justice is a cornerstone of social justice. Disadvantaged communities of color are at the greatest risk from all forms of environmental racism. We are committed to the fight for a safer, healthier, greener L.A.

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Economic & Housing Justice

Liberty Hill supports organizing that builds prosperous communities through living wages, worker protections, and fair housing for all.

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Electoral Power Building

We believe the people most affected by injustice should be leading the fight for change—from the protest march to the ballot box. Our Liberty Vote! program supports organizations that engage in electoral organizing, advocacy, and other civic engagement strategies in L.A. County.

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Healing Justice

The purpose of our new Healing Justice peer convenings is to create space for organizations to come together, build community, share their growing expertise, and support the healing and well-being of organizational leaders and their teams as they commit to long-term power-building and organizing work.

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Our Impact in 2020

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This is the moment Liberty Hill was created to meet. Every step from our founding more than 40 years ago has prepared us to rise to the challenge of this time together—a community of activists, leaders, donors, visionaries, and fighters for justice all united in a common goal to advance social justice and equity.
Shane Murphy Goldsmith
Liberty Hill Foundation President & CEO