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One of the founding principles of Liberty Hill is the democratization of philanthropy. That’s why we are known as the Home for Progressive Los Angeles.


What is a Donor Activist?

At Liberty Hill, anyone can become a Donor Activist and put your passion into action to help make Los Angeles a more just and equitable place. We call our supporters “Donor Activists” because their support often goes beyond the dollar donation.

How Donors Make Change Possible:

Donor Activists are folks who are eager to join the movement for a more just and equitable Los Angeles.

They contribute funds to support Liberty Hill’s mission to power the grassroots activism and organizations driving change in the areas of: Racial and Youth Justice, LGBTQ and Gender Justice, Economic and Housing Justice, and Environmental Justice.

Aside from their financial contributions, they often use their voices and platforms to help support local movements—whether through signing a petition for change, sending an email to an elected official, sharing content on social media, joining a giving circle, or attending events to learn more about the issues and lives at stake—Liberty Hill Donor Activists have skin in the game.

The Liberty Hill Donor Community

Our Beloved Community is filled with a diverse group of folks who envision a more just future for Los Angeles. Together, we raise resources to support dozens of organizations who are fighting for change on the ground every day.

We are a community of doers, dreamers, fighters, changemakers, champions...and you.

Become A Donor Activist Today!

Join the movement to create a more just and equitable Los Angeles—to put an end to systemic injustice, build our collective power, and demand Justice for All.

Liberty Hill Sustainers, Changemakers, Advocates, and Champions donor-activists form the backbone of our support and help fuel our mission to create a more just L.A!

We offer everything from traditional donation options to Giving Circles that allow donors to pool funds for greater impact, and Donor-Advised Funds that offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Whether you contribute $100 or $1000 your support makes a difference!

Learn more about the many ways you can get involved with giving at Liberty Hill.

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Supporting The March to Progress

Sam Ho, Donor Activist

What is the legacy you want to leave behind? Liberty Hill gives me the opportunity to leave a legacy I can be proud of.
Dr. Sam Ho

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