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Welcome to the Home for Progressive Los Angeles. No matter how you connected with Liberty Hill: You are part of a community. You are part of a solution. You are part of a movement for change.

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Our Mission

Liberty Hill Foundation is a laboratory for social change philanthropy. We leverage the power of community organizers, donor activists, and allies to advance social justice through strategic investment in grants, leadership training, and campaigns.

Our Vision

Liberty Hill envisions a society in which all people have a powerful voice, including those currently shut out of our democracy, people cut off from opportunities because they are poor, because of their skin color, because of their gender or sexual orientation, because of where they live, or where they were born.

We will not rest until society provides justice and equality for all.

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    Liberty Hill is a laboratory for social change philanthropy


    Who We Are

    At Liberty Hill our work is focused on Los Angeles County, because we understand that what happens in L.A. often influences the nation.

    As a public foundation, we provide critical support for social justice campaigns, and as a nonprofit, we lead research and policy initiatives designed to drive systemic change. Our training institute strengthens and connects community leaders and our role as a convener allows us to bring unusual allies together across our region to affect change.

      Building An Ecosystem

      Liberty Hill is an accelerator of community organizing in Los Angeles.

      We are uniquely positioned to bring together individual donors and diverse institutional partners to leverage funding for grassroots community organizing in Los Angeles.

      Currently, we facilitate and direct funding to the grassroots from three sources:

      Individual Donors
      Foundation Partners
      Pooled Funds

      An Agenda for a Just Future

      Through our recently launched Agenda for a Just Future, we have focused our attention on three of our region’s most pressing social issues.

      Ending youth incarceration as we know it

      More young people are incarcerated or under law enforcement supervision in L.A. County than in any other jurisdiction in the nation.

      Fighting to put a roof over every head

      Los Angeles has the nation's largest unsheltered homeless population.

      Eliminate toxic neighborhood oil drilling

      Los Angeles is the largest urban oil field in America.


      Our History

      Over the past four decades, organizing and advocacy powered by Liberty Hill has changed national policies, launched social change movements, transformed neighborhoods, and nurtured hundreds of community leaders who respond to the experience of injustice by fighting for their rights.

      Learn more about the evolution of Liberty Hill in the timeline below.