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Residential Resources and Incentives


Bill Savings

Pay less for the energy you use!

Reduce the amount you spend on gas and electricity bills through discounts and financial aid.

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Healthy Homes

Sustainability starts at home!

Make your home more energy efficient through repairs, upgrades, rebates and more.

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Clean Transportation

Transition to green transportation!

Get polluting cars off the road via replacement-rebate programs for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Everyone has a right to live in a healthy environment

emPOWER is a coalition of community-based organizations across Los Angeles County making sure that the people hurt most by pollution, high heat, and increasing utility bills can access the millions of dollars provided by State and local agencies to combat climate change.

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Can't Find a Nearby Community?

Bayoán Rosselló-Cornier
(323) 556-7205

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Compton, Culver City, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Lennox

Rafael Sanchez (Spanish)

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San Fernando Valley (Northeast)

Teodora Reyes
(747) 474-8806

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Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles (Tongva, Tataviam, Chumash)

Maritza Alvarez
(323) 404-0382

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Huntington Park, South Gate, Walnut Park

Wendy Avila
(323) 274-8505

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San Fenando Valley (Southeast)

Maria Guzman
(818) 858-9336

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Carson, Wilmington, Harbor City, Harbor-Gateway, Rancho Dominquez

Roselyn Tovar
(323) 408-0761

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Pacoima (Tongva, Tataviam, Chumash)

Jessa Calderon
(818) 858-9196

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San Gabriel Valley

Temis Laguna
(323) 274-8474

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Compton, Culver City, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Lennox

Ashley Loville (English)

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Lina Mira
(909) 919-6190

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South Los Angeles

Martha Lozano Nieto
(323) 274-8949

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emPOWER Community Partners

Liberty Hill is proud to support the work of key environmental and economic justice organizations as partners in this effort to improve the health and vitality of their members and local residents.

  • Communities for a Better Environment
  • Pacoima Beautiful
  • Latino and Latina Roundtable
  • Redeemer Community Partnership
  • Sacred Places Institute for Indigenous People
  • Social Justice Learning Institute


Please contact Bayoán Rosselló-Cornier at brcornier@libertyhill.org or (323) 556-7205