L.A.'s social justice epicenter since 1976

Grassroots Groups We Support

  • Restaurant Opportunities Center of Los Angeles (ROC-LA) organizes workplace justice campaigns against employers engaged in discrimination, exploitation and abuse in the L.A. restaurant industry.

  • Sacred Places Institute for Indigenous Peoples (SPI) is an Indigenous-led, community-based organization that advocates for environmental, social and cultural justice, while working to build the capacity of Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples to protect sacred lands, waters and cultures.

  • Social Justice Learning Institute works to fundamentally improve the lives of urban communities of color by helping individuals and groups advocate for health and educational equity.

  • Southeast Asian Community Alliance builds power among Southeast Asian youth and their communities while fighting for equitable economic development.

  • Southern California Education Fund's mission is to prepare a powerful network of leaders in low-income communities, and their allies, to act through their institutions to address the injustices that keep families caught in the cycle of poverty.