2020 Leadership Appreciation Brunch

Decompress Election Stress

Democracy & The Road Ahead


Decompress Election Stress: Democracy & The Road Ahead

As we enter this post-election holiday season, I hope you are energized to continue the fight for progress now, and into the new year.

Guests had an opportunity to voice their post-election concerns, discuss how to move forward as progressives and as a country, and provide their unique perspectives on where we should focus our energy as a collective.

Saturday, November 21, 2020
10 a.m. PST
Virtual Event

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The whole of our politics has been driven by this sense of who belongs. I don’t think there is a possibility of getting to a progressive place in this country without an accounting of racial harms past and present. We need an open dialogue about them if we are going to move forward to a different kind of politics in this country.
Deepak Bhargava
Distinguished Lecturer, CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies