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The Freedom Singers

The Freedom Singers represent the musical wing of arts and culture at Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN), comprised of members of the Skid Row community. This powerful ensemble breathes new life into the music and traditional sounds of our movements. The Freedom Singers ensemble is a signature statement about arts and culture at LA CAN and provides a platform to shift some of the negative narratives that skid row residents face.

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The Freedom Singers, a spirited activist singing group hailing from Skid Row, have emerged as a powerful force for change within their community.

Committed to advocating for social justice and giving voice to the marginalized, this talented ensemble blends their soulful harmonies with impassioned lyrics to ignite hope and inspire action. Rooted in the vibrant spirit of Skid Row, The Freedom Singers tackle pressing issues through the universal language of music, uniting hearts and minds in a common cause. With unwavering dedication and unwritten melodies, they empower their community, fostering resilience and fostering a sense of unity.

Through their uplifting performances and unwavering commitment to equality, The Freedom Singers shine a light on the struggles faced by those experiencing homelessness and strive to create a more inclusive and compassionate society.