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Divest, Defund, Reform, Abolish?

Next Steps for Justice & Policing After the 2020 Protests


Divest, Defund, Reform, Abolish?

Discuss recent movements to reduce reliance on policing and commit to transformative changes in the way we look at ensuring the safety and future of our youth and communities.

Learn how our grantees are translating the powerful calls for racial justice rising from the streets of America into tangible campaigns for change.

Come prepared to share your ideas as we discuss this important topic!

Thursday, September 24, 2020
1 p.m. PDT
Virtual Event

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If you escape those systems, you have a responsibility to deconstruct them, to reimagine them, in some instances abolish them, and to think very critically about how our civic institutions could be more helpful for the people who need them the most.
Isaac Bryan
Founding Executive Director of UCLA Black Policy Project