Voices From the Frontlines

Shane Murphy Goldsmith & Justus Jones


Voices From the Frontlines: Shane Murphy Goldsmith & Justus Jones

Justus Jones is a Los Angeles native, teaching artist and aspiring rapper. He graduated from New Earth Youth Build in 2016 and soon after began teaching poetry to formerly incarcerated youth. As an artist and rapper, Justus loves to tell the real and uncut in his music. He has facilitated poetry and creative writing workshops with system-impacted youth in South Central LA and countywide.

Justus is currently working to support the reentry and youth leadership programming at Arts for Healing and Justice Network. He has participated and performed at various events throughout the country including Create Justice, the LA County Youth Diversion Summit and the Youth Power Summit where he engaged with legislators and advocated for statewide youth justice bills.

Justus continues to work with formerly incarcerated youth with the intention of creating space for them to know they are not alone in the traumas they experience.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
4:29 p.m. PST
Virtual Event

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