Electoral Power Building

Leading a Just Reconstruction

November 7, 2020
By raymond

As the reality of a new President-Elect becomes clear and we pause for a moment to take in the monumental nature of this day, I want to first thank you for being a part of the Liberty Hill Family. 

When history remembers this time our contemporaries will look back on this election and realize the impact a diverse coalition of voters—people of color, women, LGBTQ folks, young people and all those fed up with the injustice, lies and division of the last four years—were able to accomplish together.  

The election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our next President and Vice President is a victory forged on the strength of a nationwide coalition led by communities of color. And it opens up exciting new possibilities for attacking the deep, structural inequities across our country.

The road to this day was long and fraught with challenges—from direct attempts at voter suppression and intimidation—to insidious tactics such as crippling the postal service in the months before the election. In 2020, we saw firsthand how critical our votes—and our voices—are in the fight for change. 

That’s why we thank you for your continued support and why we need you to stand with Liberty Hill and our partners now and into the future. 

As we prepare to inaugurate a new President and welcome the first female Vice President—and woman of color—to the White House to take her place in history, we must come together to make our vision of a more just and equitable society a reality. From the bottom to the top of our power structures, we must tell our representatives what our communities expect and demand of them. 

We know our trusted partners will continue to lead the way. That's why we are committed to supporting them and continuing to fuel the grassroots activism that has always been the key to change in America. 

We see the impact organizing was able to make here locally, with activists powering huge wins across Los Angeles on initiatives such as the landmark Measure J, which will redirect approximately $1 Billion of the county’s general fund to community investments like affordable housing, mental health services, youth development programs and job-creation. The effort was led by the Re-Imagine L.A. County coalition—a group of activists with lived experience dealing with systems of injustice—and their longshot bid received widespread support.

2020 has truly been a year of struggle and progress—from the COVID-19 pandemic to the awakening of the racial justice uprisings—but we don’t just want our partners to merely survive this pandemic—we want them to lead the reconstruction. 

Thank you for your enduring support of Liberty Hill and your belief in our mission of a more just future for all. 

Stay tuned for more ways you can get involved to support local campaigns in 2020 and beyond!