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Season 2 is Underway! Listen Now!

May 25, 2023
By Andres Magaña

Season 2 of Liberty Hill’s hit podcast, "Conversations From The Frontlines" is now available everywhere you stream podcasts!

Hosted by Liberty Hill President and CEO Shane Murphy Goldsmith, our second season will tackle some of the most challenging social justice issues of the day with heart and honesty. This season will explore the theme of “Power, Politics and Solidarity in L.A.

Tune in as Shane goes behind-the-scenes to give you a front row seat to some engaging conversations with frontline political and community leaders fighting to create a more just Los Angeles.

Get ready for some real talk, real change on “Conversations From The Frontlines.”

Tune in to our latest episode as Liberty Hill President and CEO Shane Murphy Goldsmith sits down with California Assemblymember Isaac Bryan for some frank conversations and real talk!

In this special two-part episode titled, “Grassroots vs Grass Tops in L.A. Racial Coalition Politics – Part I,” Shane and Assemblymember Bryan explore multiracial solidarity in Los Angeles, incremental abolition, and the state-wide work being done around reparations.

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