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Liberty Hill Foundation Launches “Justice For All” Campaign to Support Grassroots Activism in Los Angeles

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For Immediate Release
Courtney Kassel, Chief Communications Officer,, (323) 428-4648
Date: Thursday, July 29, 2021

(Los Angeles)—Liberty Hill Foundation, the leading social justice foundation in Los Angeles, is launching a public education campaign to raise awareness and funds to support local grassroots activism and organizations led by those most impacted by systemic oppression.

Founded in 1976, Liberty Hill is a public foundation whose mission is to leverage the power of community organizers, donor activists and other allies to advance social justice. Determined to power social change from the ground up, the organization is committed to the ethos that the people closest to the pain should be closest to the power.

Liberty Hill works to raise funds to support community organizing—led by people of color—with the ability to change policies and lives across the region. Our work supports community organizations that build power through grassroots community organizing, coalition building, partnerships, and advocacy. The Foundation was one of the first in the nation to focus on providing funding for community organizing and direct advocacy, which was not a mainstream concept until recently.

Today, Liberty Hill stands in support of our many grassroots partners—organizations and activists—who are on the frontlines of the fights for racial and youth justice, economic and housing justice, environmental and climate justice, LGBTQ and gender justice, and a transformation of the entire system with a focus on community reinvestment.

Our “Justice for All” Campaign seeks to raise awareness of the critical issues facing Los Angeles as we deal with the effects of a global pandemic and existing systemic problems facing our region.

Liberty Hill stands ready to rally our community in support of local leaders and grassroots organizations fighting for a variety of policy proposals that can change L.A. for the better. From banning toxic neighborhood oil drilling—which disproportionately affects low-income communities of color—to the creation of the country’s largest youth development system focused on care, not punishment, and protecting vulnerable tenants from homelessness amidst the housing crisis, Liberty Hill’s grant recipients and community partners are leading the fight for justice.

The “Justice for All” campaign will highlight the grassroots activism and on-the-ground successes of Liberty Hill’s partners, while expanding knowledge of the Foundation’s efforts to power these movements and amplify their work for greater impact.

“Liberty Hill was founded on the concept of ‘Change, not Charity’, and that means a commitment to addressing underlying systemic issues that drive the need for change,” said Liberty Hill President/CEO Shane Murphy Goldsmith. “Our partners are winning these David and Goliath battles every day, but they need the support of the Los Angeles community to continue to fuel the march to progress and we are committed to bringing more people into the movement through this campaign.”

Liberty Hill Foundation is a laboratory for social change philanthropy. We leverage the power of community organizers, donor activists, and allies to advance social justice through strategic investment in grants, leadership training, and campaigns. We envision a society in which all people have a powerful voice, including those currently shut out of our democracy, people cut off from opportunities because of their skin color, gender or sexual orientation, where they live, or where they were born. We will not rest until society provides justice and equality for all.

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