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Reproductive Justice & Abortion Rights

Support Organizations Fighting for Reproductive Rights

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(May 2022) Liberty Hill stands with organizations that support the many different needs of women and LGBTQIA people and envisions a society in which all people have control over their reproductive health, including women of color, transgender, and non-binary individuals, who are frequently shut out of our democracy and cut off from opportunities. Even before the stunning news earlier this month that the Supreme Court does intend to overturn Roe v. Wade, we knew that the reality of reproductive justice was grim in this country. In June 2021 the Guttmacher Institute reported that 2021 was the worst-ever year for U.S. reproductive rights.

Reproductive justice can only be achieved when all women and girls have the complete economic, social, and political power and resources to make healthy decisions about their bodies, families, and communities. This fight isn’t new to Liberty Hill, and we remain committed to leveraging the power of philanthropy to support social justice movements. Having a stable home and a healthy community are all part of reproductive justice.This work directly intersects with the work happening across the Liberty Hill community, our agenda for a just future, and our gender, racial, and justice work. Our work supports organizations fighting for reproductive justice by addressing the health, financial and social structures that disproportionately negatively impact women, specifically women of color.

Many people are looking for ways to support women during this unsettling time. We’re committed to helping you begin your research on ways to support the many different needs women and nonbinary folks will face in a post-Roe future, and how to fight for rights to be protected and reestablished. Organizations in California are fighting to increase access to reproductive services for communities of color, while organizations across the country are fighting for abortion access in states where the right to abortion is most under threat. They all need our support and we all have a role to play in this fight.

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