Donor Advised Funds


A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a simple tool that individuals can use to administer their philanthropic dollars, much like a charitable savings account. At Liberty Hill, we provide philanthropic knowledge, expertise and administration, while helping charitable donors manage and disburse their funds by connecting them to cutting-edge social justice organizations doing impactful work in Los Angeles and beyond. To learn more, please contact or call 323-556-7203.

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A Note from Shane
  • 10th Street Preschool Scholarship Fund
  • A Better World Fund
  • Back to Life Re-Entry Fund
  • Bagel-OBrien Fund
  • Bertha Wolf & Lance Miller Families Fund for Community Service
  • Breadbox Fund
  • Byock-Shaw Family Fund
  • C&G Fund for Progress
  • Carol Sobel Fund
  • Cassandra Fund
  • Catalyst Fund
  • Citizen Jones Action Fund
  • Cypress LLP Fund
  • Dean Hansell-Shirley Lens Fund
  • Erika Glazer Fund
  • Garcetti-Wakeland Human Rights & Economic Justice Fund
  • Gordon Davidson Archive Fund
  • Gordon Davidson Emerging Artists Fund
  • Hancock Fund
  • Harold & Stephanie Bronson Fund
  • I Got You Fund
  • Jason & Lika Litt Fund
  • Jon Christensen
  • Joy Kamensky Fund
  • Katharine King Fund
  • Kesa Kivel Fund
  • Kicking Assets Fund
  • KMBL Fund
  • Lawson Justice Fund
  • Lesbians Occupy Change Fund
  • Lichter-Marck Fund
  • Live Oak Fund
  • Lynn Kirshbaum Fund
  • M. Asselin - J. Meltzer Fund
  • M. Katherine Baird Darmer Equality Scholarship Fund
  • Manuel Pastor and Betsy Hamilton Fund
  • Moja Moja Innovation Fund
  • Otoño Fund
  • Patty Kestin Fund
  • Paula & Barry Litt Fund
  • Pressman-Holmes Family Fund
  • Queer Youth Fund
  • Rabbi Barbara Zacky Fund
  • Ray of Light Fund
  • Red Green Blue Fund
  • Richard and Taylor Beale Family Fund
  • Robert Greenwald and Heidi Frey Greenwald
  • Roberta Conroy Charitable Fund
  • Satterberg Foundation Fund
  • Schaffer Family Fund
  • Sherry & Leo Frumkin Family Fund
  • Southern California Youth Organizing Capacity Building Fund
  • Stone’s Throw to Skid Row Fund
  • Stormer-Breidenbach Fund
  • The Arnold Peterson Fund
  • The David Rosenauer and Rex Walker Fund
  • The Jordan Family Fund
  • The Los Angeles Activist Video Archive Fund
  • The Opportunity Fund
  • Travis Sowders Future Fund
  • WWGD Fund
  • 3 anonymous funds

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