2023 Impact Report

How Liberty Hill Powers Change

Liberty Hill is an accelerator of community organizing in Los Angeles and a national leader in social justice.


Our Priorities Area

A Commitment to Racial Justice

Liberty Hill supports a transformational movement for racial justice that seeks to dismantle systemic racism and traditional systems of harm in America. To strengthen that movement racial justice has always been embedded into the core principles of all of our work.

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Youth & Transformative Justice

Our Youth & Transformative Justice priority area is focused on investing in communities, not incarceration. We seek to shift power and resources from current punishment systems to Black, Brown, Native American, and Indigenous peoples who have been most impacted by mass criminalization and systemic injustice. Our goal is to invest in building restorative, community-led solutions that focus on the health and well-being of historically excluded people and communities.

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LGBTQ & Gender Justice

Our LGBTQ & Gender Justice priority area is focused on ensuring that gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, and queer leaders are equipped and supported in the fight to end discrimination and expand opportunity. We place a particular focus on low-income, often immigrant, queer people of color who are frequently at the forefront of fights for workers rights, racial justice, and reform of the criminal justice and immigration systems. That’s why we incorporate a focus on LGBTQ and Gender Justice into our other priority areas as well.

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Environmental & Climate Justice

Environmental justice is a cornerstone of social justice. And for low-income communities and communities of color, environmental racism means that low-income communities and communities of color experience disproportionate and often severe exposure to health harms, and a lack of environmental benefits like parks and green space. Through our Environmental & Climate Justice priority area, we support several programs and initiatives to fight for a safer, healthier, greener L.A.

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Economic & Housing Justice

Liberty Hill supports organizing that builds prosperous communities through living wages, worker protections, and fair housing for all. Through our Economic & Housing Justice priority area, we fund grassroots groups like worker centers, tenant rights groups, and advocacy campaigns fighting for basic labor rights and worker protections, stopping wage theft, ensuring fair wages, and fighting for housing as a human right.

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