Environmental & Climate Justice

2024 ELI Fellows Announced

February 27, 2024
By Andres Magaña

Last month, Liberty Hill proudly announced the inaugural cohort of our new Environmental Leadership Initiative (ELI), a groundbreaking fellowship program that invests in the development and empowerment of emerging Environmental Justice leaders from across California!

Please join us in congratulating the 2024 ELI Fellows

  • Agustin Angel Bernabe (he/him)
  • Ana Rosa Rizo-Centino (she/her)
  • Andrea Luna (she/her)
  • Blue Leopo (they/them)
  • Carla Mays (she/her)
  • Catherine Baltazar (she/they)
  • Devin Murphy (he/him)
  • Fatima Malik (we/ours)
  • Hasibe Caballero-Gomez (she/her)
  • Itzel Flores Castillo Wang (she/her)
  • Jamani Ashé (any pronoun)
  • Laura Hernandez (they/them/elle)
  • Mark Sanchez Guerra Santos (they/them)
  • Miriam Eide (they/them)
  • Naomi Lopez (she/her)
  • Robin Gilliam (she/her)
  • Shana Coleman (she/her)
  • Sherif Musaji (he/him)
  • Sim-Marcel Bilal (he/him)
  • Spenser Jaimes (he/him)
  • Tina Calderon (she/her)
  • Zoe Cunliffe (she/her)

This program is hosted by Liberty Hill Foundation, through the generous support and investment from the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation and the David & Lucile Packard Foundation. We work in partnership with the community-based Advisory Council who have helped shape this initiative and informed the selection of Fellows.

To learn more about the ELI program, please visit our program page here. To stay connected and receive updates about the program, please subscribe to our mailing list!