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A Message from Shane Murphy Goldsmith

January 8, 2021
By raymond

American democracy has always been complicated. 

It was built on the enslavement of Black people, who won liberation for half a generation before Reconstruction was replaced with Jim Crow. The Civil Rights Movement called our country to live up to the highest values in its founding documents. When it has succeeded, it has been because of the work and sacrifice of people like Liberty Hill’s grantees and partners.

Yesterday we saw how fragile those successes can be.

The mob assembled at the President’s invitation, but it was emboldened by a message older than our Constitution. As my friend Liberty Hill grantee David C. Turner III of the Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition wrote on Facebook: 

“They did what they could, just to remind us they could. They walked straight into what should have been the most protected building in the country just to wave flags around and put their feet on desks…they literally just want to remind America that, above all, whiteness will allow them to do just about anything they want, regardless of any legal, ethical, or moral considerations.”

Yesterday’s white supremacist insurrection was a rejection of our country’s tenuous commitment to equality and justice for all. The insurrectionists reminded us that the right and duty to count the votes of communities of color requires protection through solidarity and struggle.

Consider us reminded. And consider this our reminder to each other that the Liberty Hill community—and those who share our values across the country and around the world—draw our strength from generosity and care as we work together to build the power we need to create a more just and equitable world.  

No one said it would be easy, but I’m proud to walk with you on this journey. 

In Solidarity,

Shane Murphy Goldsmith
Liberty Hill Foundation